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Video: Flying to school on a Great Lakes island

Feb 22, 2017
Margaret Thompson/ideastream


When the bars and restaurants in Put-in-Bay close at the end of summer, you might think the entire island shuts down. But a couple hundred hardy year-round islanders in Western Lake Erie stay put.  As winter sets in, eventually even the ferries shut down and the only way on and off is by plane.

Add this to the unexpected news coming out of the Great Lakes region: a huge fireball tearing across the midwest skies early Monday, headed for Lake Michigan.

Remarkable video from several sources, including a police dashboard camera, shows a blue-green fireball searing the night sky.

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Reporter Elizabeth Miller traveled to Middle Bass and South Bass islands for upcoming stories chronicling winter life in the town of Put in Bay. Check out an early morning aerial view of Lake Erie on the 10-minute flight from Port Clinton, Ohio, to Middle Bass Island.


Elizabeth Miller

Great Lakes Today reporter Elizabeth Miller appeared on WVIZ/PBS program Ideas to discuss "Steelhead Alley" and how it affects the Great Lakes economy.