One man, 16,000 ticks

Jul 25, 2018

Michigan Radio's Environment Report has a fascinating tale about Nate Nieto, who has received more than 16,000 ticks by mail.

It's part of a citizen science project that the Northern Arizona University associate professor organized to  learn about the diseases ticks transmit and map risk levels.

He and his collaborators at Colorado State University have received ticks from 49 states.

Nieto told reporter Rebecca Williams, “We started thinking that the majority of tick awareness is really in the Northeast and the Upper Midwest, and so really what we were trying to do is broaden that awareness to see where the distribution of ticks and the disease they carry [is]… what’s really the edge of this?”

The public apparently has an incredible interest in ticks. Nieto noted that the project initially budgeted for 2,400 ticks -- far below the number resesrechers received.