New Navy ship, USS Little Rock, delayed by repairs and ice

Jan 18, 2018

Recent icy conditions were the cause of concern for fans of the USS Little Rock. The Navy ship was commissioned in Buffalo last month, but has not made it out to sea.

The ship left Buffalo on Dec. 20 following a commissioning ceremony. After making its way through the St. Lawrence Seaway, it stopped in Montreal for some repairs.

Navy representative Courtney Hillson says it's normal for a ship to make several "port stops," which are similar to "rest stops." And sometimes, those stops can last for days.

She also says the recent ice and frigid weather caused a slight delay.

Update: Departure unlikely before mid-March

"Icy conditions have delayed the ships departure due to the limited availability of tugs in the area," Hillson said.

Hillson says an exact departure date is unknown. But, once the vessel ships off from Montreal it will make some scheduled port visits on its way to a Navy base near Jacksonville, Fla.