Farewell Mark Brush, a great Great Lakes reporter

Mar 20, 2018

Across public broadcasting, folks are mourning for Michigan Radio's Mark Brush. He died last week of brain cancer, at the age of 49.

Brush is remembered as a smart, funny colleague, as well as an excellent journalist whose worked often touched the Great Lakes.

During his two-decade career at Michigan Radio, he co-managed the Great Lakes Radio Consortium, producing environmental stories that were shared with other stations. It eventually morphed into The Environment Report.

When Great Lakes Today was starting up in 2016, lots of people recommended talking to Mark for advice. As always, he was very helpful, sharing contacts and other information about the region.

Today, Michigan Radio republished some of Mark's stories, along with comments from colleagues. One of my favorites is a feature about a trip to Isle Royale National Park.

Give a listen, and remember Mark.