Lake Erie

Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, with an average depth of 62 feet. It is 241 miles long and 57 miles wide.

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Timothy Dubravetz

The Great Lakes region is getting another maritime-themed school -- this time in Cleveland.


The Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School will open in July with 100 to 120 9th graders for the school year, officials announced this week.

John Cummings

Have you ever wondered where road salt comes from? One source is the Whiskey Island Cargill Salt Mine, which lies far below the floor of Lake Erie.

Andrew Kornacki/US Army Corps. of Engineers Buffalo District

After 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, the breakwater on Cleveland’s east harbor suffered $31 million dollars worth of damage.  Now that breakwater is back to full strength, with concrete blocks to prevent storm damage from happening again.


Cleveland’s project involves 4400 feet of dolosse, concrete blocks shaped like a T and meant to deflect waves.

Lt. Col. Adam Czekanski with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District says the damage from Hurricane Sandy resulted in the District’s largest repair project.

Elizabeth Miller

The Maritime Academy of Toledo, subject of a recent Great Lakes Today report, was featured in a TV story on WVIZ/PBS program Ideas.

Elizabeth Miller

An upcoming conference in Cleveland will tackle marine debris, the pieces of plastic that wash up on the river, ocean, or Great Lake shores.  It's a issue that has affected the health and appearances of beaches around the world.  Marine debris can be anything in the lake that’s not supposed to be there – plastic bottles, grocery bags, or balloons.  It has a deadly effect on wildlife, especially birds.